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Play as a magical chef! Hunt monsters and cook them into exquisite dishes to wow the judges and crush your opponents!

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Preorder Battle Chef Brigade Merch now 👕🍱
25 days ago – Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 12:48:17 PM

Hey Battle Chefs! We've got a quick update for your Monday snack.

Preorder BCB Merch

Eric designed 5 super-cute stickers and a vibrant T-shirt just for you! We also partnered with The Yetee to make a new gold apron design.

Bring the Brigade into every day with this sizzling collection.  

What else is new?

  • The BCB Art Book is in the hands of a book designer and we're in the process of picking a printer. It's looking amazing! We'll be in touch about ensuring everyone has an updated mailing address! 
  • A BCB demo for Nintendo Switch and Sony Playstation 4 will be released in the coming weeks. Now your friends can finally get on your level for some multiplayer action!
  • We're working on something spectacular, but we've gotta charge up the reveal, so stay tuned right here or on Twitter!  

 All the best,
  Tom and the Trinket Team <3

Physical Edition available now!
7 months ago – Fri, Nov 09, 2018 at 09:14:31 PM

Hey Battle Chefs!

We've partnered with Limited Run Games to make a physical version of Battle Chef Brigade for PS4 and Switch! The preorders just went on sale this morning and are limited by time or stock, so check them out while they're hot.

PS4 Brigadier Edition
PS4 Brigadier Edition

 There are 4 versions:

Eric made a ton of new art for these and we're so happy with how they turned out. We even got to add gold metallic highlights to a bunch of the Brigadier Edition items.

Brand new box art!
Brand new box art!

As always, thanks so much for your support! For those looking forward to the art book, we're now one step closer - the manuals/booklets inside these editions served as practice for the big art book.

Vive la Brigade,


Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe
9 months ago – Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 01:52:55 AM

Hey Battle Chefs!

Since it's been a while, we've got a ton to go over. Let's dive right into the free DELUXE update out today!

We've added so much to BCB in the Deluxe edition, so I'll just touch on some of the big new features and link to the Steam patch notes. Deluxe will also be released on the PS4, along with a relaxing Dynamic Theme.

New in Deluxe:

Ziggy, the Undead Necromancer

Ziggy is the most mysterious and possibly unsanitary chef in Battle Chef Brigade. He has a lazy streak and relies heavily on his summoned minions. His sous skeletons lead the way, with rolling pins and pans, his imps carry ingredients to the pantry, and his turret-like demons take care of any stragglers. Of course, a good Battle Chef can’t always rely on magical help and, when necessary, Ziggy knows how to take care of business. A few breakdance-style kicks and a spin or two are enough to prep any monster for the kitchen. We had an incredible time designing him and can’t wait for you to slide into battle as Ziggy.

Ziggy and his gang
Ziggy and his gang

Local Multiplayer

Added In a game centered on intense hunting and cooking duels, multiplayer kicks it up a notch. We drew inspiration from fighting games, brawlers, and our couch-based childhoods to make dueling your friends and enemies perfect. Wait for your opponent to kill the Dragon and then swipe its spicy steak for yourself! There’s a buffet of options and items to choose from, including quite a few new ones for Deluxe, such as Ziggy’s Grill, Bony Tongs, and Carnivorous Expertise.

Mina vs Thrash
Mina vs Thrash

Side dishes

Side dishes 
We’ve added a lot more replayability and polish for Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe. Here are some of the additions:

  • New Survival Mode: A speedy arcade mode where a death in the arena ends your run. Each win lets you pick from an assortment of items as you conquer the leaderboards.
  • New Free Play Mode: Practice hunting in any biome and crafting the 120+ dishes. This is the place to perfect your combos and analyze each ecosystem.
  • New Gallery: As you level up your Brigade Rank with Survival runs and bouts in the updated Daily Cook-Offs, you unlock gorgeous concept art.
  • New maps: Enter the Darkrealm in Daily Cook-Off, Free Play, Survival, and Multiplayer!
  • New Challenges: Ziggy gets his own pair of Break the Dishes stages.
  • Accessibility Improvements: We’ve added color-blind options, updated fragile state art, and let you fast-forward through duel introductions.
  • Thrash Buffs: Everyone’s favorite father of two has a much-improved Counter, better Berserk timer, and speed tweaks.

For way more information, head over to this Steam post that has all the patch notes.

Official Discord

If you're looking for a community of friendly Battle Chef Brigade fans and want to ask me detailed programming or design questions about the game, join our official Discord! It's a wonderful group of folks who have gotten very good at the Daily Cook-Offs! Join this week to participate in the Battle Buffet, featuring daily streams, challenges, and prizes! 

VGA Gallery Prints and Art Book

If you're waiting on the art book (we'll have a timeline for the art book soon - we wanted the Deluxe update to get in there!), you can consider getting a Battle Chef Brigade print from the VGA Gallery here in Chicago. Eric put together this spectacular collection:

How to Cosplay as Mina

Random Tuesday on Youtube did an amazing tutorial on how to put together an excellent Mina cosplay.

Battle Chef Brigade Theme for Piano

Laurence Manning put together a brilliant rendition of Tom Dunkin's theme, arranged by John Griffin. The arrangement is one of the extras in the Soundtrack on Steam.

George put together a fun and charming video series featuring the Voice Actors Here's Episode 1 with Erica Mendez, the voice of Mina!

Boyfriend Dungeon

Our friends over at Kitfox have also started a wonderful Kickstarter campaign for their next game: Boyfriend Dungeon! If you like Battle Chef Brigade, you'll probably like Boyfriend Dungeon too. Eric also made this amazing illustration to celebrate their campaign being funded almost instantly.

As always, thank you all so much!

If you have any questions or just realized that you never got your Steam key, please message us here or email me at

Launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 09:52:44 PM

Hey Battle Chefs, the wait is over!

Battle Chef Brigade has been released on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Unlock code info

Check your inboxes for your keys from BackerKit!

If you don't see the emails from BackerKit, check your Spam folder and then message me with what email you used in BackerKit and I'll sort it out asap!

  • Steam copy: your key has been emailed to you! If you were in the Backer Demo, that key has transformed into the full game and you won't get an extra email about it.
  • Soundtrack (Digital Delicacies tier): your Steam soundtrack key has been emailed to you! This may not work until later today as it receives final approval.
  • Steam backer items (Fantasy Feast tier): your backer-only DLC unlock code has been emailed to you!
  • Switch copy (Limited-time key upgrade on BackerKit) : your NA eShop code has been emailed to you! Note: if you are not in the NA region, make a US account for it or message me and I'll refund you. We didn't realize the codes were all region-locked :(
  • Wallpapers (Digital Delicacies tier): a download link has been sent to you from BackerKit!
Soundtrack cover
Soundtrack cover

Reddit /r/NintendoSwitch AMA

We did a really fun AMA over at /r/NintendoSwitch on Friday. Check out our feelings on eggs and the Switch here.

Thank you

Battle Chef Brigade would not exist without you. More importantly, though, BCB wouldn't be a great game. You gave us the freedom to choose fun and innovation at every opportunity. You were supportive when we needed to leave BCB in the oven for a lot more time. You gave us great feedback during the Backer Demo. You believed in us.

We can't wait to hear what you think of Battle Chef Brigade. I'm not sure if I'll continue monthly updates or not, but this will certainly not be the last you here from me, Battle Chef Brigade, or Trinket Studios. We've got a lot more work to do, including tasty updates, more consoles, and the best art book ever!

Thank you,

Tom, Eric, and Ben


Switch Keys
over 1 year ago – Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 10:14:27 AM

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