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3,316 backers pledged $100,344.51 on Kickstarter

Play as a magical chef! Hunt monsters and cook them into exquisite dishes to wow the judges and crush your opponents!

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$100,344.51 / 3,316 backers
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$10,863.00 / 3,379 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: January 2017
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Battle Chef Brigade Preorder
A copy of Battle Chef Brigade for PC, Mac, and Linux! (Includes Steam key once available)
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Physical Art Book
A gorgeous, high-quality softcover art book. From concept art to in-game hi-resolution art, the b... more »
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Digital Delicacies
Digital Soundtrack and PDF Artbook

Learn About Our Project:

Action game focused on great food. You'll hunt monsters and cook with magic in a competition like no other!

The campaign has ended, but you can preorder Battle Chef Brigade HERE! On top of that, for a limited time, the physical rewards will be available on BackerKit! Note: do not preorder if you're already a backer!

You can also join our journey on Twitter, Facebook and the Trinket Newsletter! Thank you all so much, Battle Chefs!

Magic and cooking fit together perfectly in so many ways. Imagine fire knives that slice AND sear, mystical ingredients, and chefs' spells whirling around immaculate dishes.

Cooking in games is always a simple affair, represented entirely by minigame or crafting mechanics. Not so in Battle Chef Brigade. Here, you decide what dishes to make. Each elimination round of the Battle Chef Royale will pit you against an opposing chef in a competition to wow the judges with your tasty dishes and culinary skills and spells.

 Read more about Ziggy in Update #10!


After a lot of deliberation, we've decided not to add WiiU, PS4, 3DS, or Vita stretch goals yet. We want to keep our focus on making the game the absolute best it can be. More playable chefs, more environments, voice over, epic summoning spells, and a new game mode are the next steps Battle Chef Brigade needs to become the amazing game we all envision. Since we're only three developers, we don't want to make giant promises far in advance. We want to finish building a phenomenal game for you before spreading it across more platforms.

That said, you can rest assured that our goal is to bring Battle Chef Brigade to consoles and handhelds. We're now a licensed Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft developer AND we're using the Unity3D game engine. That means that when the time is right to bring BCB to consoles, we'll be in excellent shape to do so. In fact, the game already supports PS4 and Xbox One controllers on PC! We love our consoles and really want to play Battle Chef Brigade on them :)

Of course, after this campaign we'll keep you updated on Battle Chef Brigade's progress and will want your feedback about which platforms you want to play on next!

Check out Update #9 for more information about Add-Ons and how to increase your pledge!

Battle Chefs stock their pantries by hunting monsters in the Arena! Monsters abound, each with their own dangers and ingredients.

  • Unique Style - Chefs have their own hunting abilities and upgrades. Control Mina’s whirling knives, Thrash’s blood-hungry sword, and Kirin’s mechanical traps!
  • Wild Monsters - Ingredients aren't just sitting on the shelf in Battle Chef Brigade! Each monster can drop different cuts of meat but only the most precise chefs get the best ones.
  • Ecology - The monsters are part of an ecosystem that you can influence and upset. You can feed the birds to get more eggs, but letting the other monsters snack on them might be very dangerous.

Players must concoct unique dishes before running out of time in each round. Carefully season, sauce, and transform your ingredients to win the adulation of the judges.

  • Creativity - You’re in charge of deciding what dishes to create! Be mindful of the round timer and the judges' picky tastes. If you want to serve pan-seared dragon shank with raw squid stomach, go right ahead. Keep in mind that not everyone likes uncooked seafood or even dragon meat!
  • Spells - The best meals are made with skill AND magic. Accelerate cooking times with an inferno, super-season a dish, and swap tastes and textures. Eat your own dishes to regain health and mana - just make sure they're edible first!
  • Judging - The sternest gourmands, from meat-loving Orcs to diet-obsessed Elves, will be tasting your dishes. Keep their gustatory preferences in mind and make sure not to serve them any uncooked, burnt, or over-seasoned food.

Use your chef's individual skills and personality to win the judges' favor. Battle Chef Brigade stirs together celebrity chefs and fantasy characters to produce its quirky cast.

  • Mina - Fast and Fearless! Mina’s inexperience sometimes leads her into culinary danger, but she’s got the speed to get any dish back on track.
  • Thrash - Powerful and Brazen! When your sword thirsts for meet, feed it. Thrash’s blade increases in power when given meat and can then be used for all manner of explosive Orc magic.
  • Kirin - Sly and Scientific! Beware the technological tricks and traps of the Elves. Precision is the name of Kirin’s game.
  • Ziggy - Twisted and Undead! His muscles may be decaying, but he can summon sous skeletons and spirits to pick up the slack.
  • Cezar - Stout and Stubborn! Cezar might be tough to get moving but his mighty cleaver is ready to decapitate any beast.
  • And More - Unique and memorable characters are at the core of Battle Chef Brigade, so there are more to come. Your support can help us expand the playable and supporting cast!

Mina, Thrash, and Kirin will be playable at launch. The rest of the chefs will compete against you and take on big roles in the story. We'd love for your favorite chef to be playable and your support can help us reach our goal of making all the chefs playable!

During the tournament, you’ll have opportunities to upgrade your chef and tools!

  • Cookware - Custom tools are your most important allies in the kitchen. Larger pots and pans are necessary for cooking huge ingredients while other special cookware can give your food crucial bonuses.
  • Specialty Tools - Unique equipment like a Pasta Cutter, Pie Tin, or Wok can help transform mundane ingredients into fantastic dishes.
  • Spells - Each chef can learn new spells for the Kitchen and Arena during the tournament. Spells range from super-powered attacks to dish-saving cooking aids.

Sound design and music are key parts of the Battle Chef Brigade experience. Sound effects in particular are critical to grounding our fantasy monsters and cooking with the real world.

In fact, gaining the means to continue paying our Sound Designer, George Hufnagl, is one of the reasons this Kickstarter exists. He's already done a phenomenal job crafting the game's soundscape, from bushes rustling in the Forest Arena to the Dragon's flame-throwing roar. Here's an in-depth sound design walkthrough of an old prototype from George.

We tasked Tom Dunkin with composing a few songs for the demo and Kickstarter. With funding, we'll be expanding this list a lot! Per-chef themes and context-sensitive dynamic music are two audio features we're really excited about.

  • Full Release - Battle Chef Brigade will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The full release is planned for multiplatform distribution on Steam and as a DRM-free download through the Humble Store.
  • Beta Access - We will be releasing a pre-release build of Battle Chef Brigade for feedback using Steam Early Access or the Humble Store.
  • Other Platforms - Battle Chef Brigade is also a great fit for consoles and some handhelds. Based on time, your interests, and the success of this campaign, we’re hoping to spread BCB to more platforms!

We quit our game industry jobs because we wanted the creative freedom to make something awesome. We released two tiny mobile games soon after forming Trinket, including the very well received Color Sheep. Now we're ready to tackle the game we really quit our jobs to make: Battle Chef Brigade.

We've self-funded BCB for over a year now. We spent a lot of time prototyping the creative Kitchen mode, since it’s the toughest design challenge. These prototypes were invaluable for nailing down which aspects of cooking could be nicely abstracted into clear, fun mechanics and which were just too clunky. It’s too bad scratch-and-sniff monitors never took off.

On the programming side, we've been able to keep building on our years of industry experience. Integrating new characters, foods, and chef challenges will be a straightforward process since we've been preparing for them all along. We invested a good chunk of our time building a robust combat system that integrates into our animation tools.

Our biggest remaining tasks are related to our illustrated, hand-animated art style. There are very few shortcuts to creating hand-drawn animations and environments. Our tools help smooth out the process, but each chef and monster still requires a lot of Photoshop time! We'll use some money from this campaign to contract more artists when necessary.

We'll be updating backers with our progress regularly, especially on our Dev Blog, TIGSource, and Twitter! Open development and community are really important to us!

Digital Download copy of BATTLE CHEF BRIGADE for PC, MAC, and LINUX (DRM-free + Steam key)

A stunning digital ART BOOK PDF, chock-full of concept art, sketches, progression images, and details from Battle Chef Brigade's development.

The digital SOUNDTRACK, guaranteed to transport you into the rich world and delightful mood of Battle Chef Brigade.

EARLY ACCESS to the BETA and access to BACKER FORUMS AND POLLS! Be the first to play Battle Chef Brigade and to help steer its development!

Your chefs will discover BACKER-ONLY ITEMS in the tournament. The items will include a COOKWARE SET, a SECRET SAUCE, and a SCROLL, each more mysterious and powerful than the last! Your dishes, tools, and chefs will have that special something that no one else has! Note: these are not pay-to-win items. They'll look cool and deepen the experience, but won't make the game unfair to players without them.

You get a glorious Battle Chef Brigade T-Shirt and Poster combo. Your friends will be twice-baked with envy when they come upon your battle-ready form and fortress.

T-Shirt Design
T-Shirt Design

We'll work with you to bring a monster from your imagination to life! Over the course of a few Skype/Hangouts/Phone calls, you'll share your vision, review concept art, and assist in naming your monster.

We’ll work with you to create an illustration of you as a BATTLE CHEF BRIGADE VETERAN. You'll provide a picture of yourself (or someone worthy of immortalizing) and suggestions for what fantasy race you'd like to be. Our Creative Director Eric will then draw you in an epic pose that will be used in-game and a trailer to introduce and explain the history of the Battle Chef Brigade. We'll also send you the image so you can print it or use it as an avatar image across the web!

We’ll work with you to create a CELEBRITY GUEST JUDGE in the game. We’ll need a picture, some of your favorite and least favorite foods, and what sort of hungry fantasy character you'd like to be (orc, wizard, elf, etc). We'll then transform you into an awesome animated in-game judge, ready to mock and praise players' creations!


The three of us met in 2009 while working for Disney Interactive’s Wideload Games. Over the next three years we collaborated on Disney’s Guilty Party (Wii), Avengers Initiative: Hulk (iOS / Android using Unity), and a host of unannounced Disney projects.

In 2012, we quit to form Trinket Studios, where we quickly built up a handful of games and prototypes. Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge were released to wide acclaim in early 2013, after which we began work on Battle Chef Brigade!

Tom Eastman @TrinketTom   (President + Programming + Design)

It’s always been Tom's plan to start an indie studio that makes unique, fun games. The path to BCB and this Kickstarter wound through a lot of ugly games in high school, Dartmouth College Computer Science, internships at Garage Games and Wideload Games, and a few years at Disney Interactive. He's thrilled to finally have everything lining up for Trinket!

Eric Huang @TrinketEric   (Creative Director + Design)

Eric grew up as a daydreamer heavily influenced by all the games he watched his older brothers play. Fighters, RPGs, and beat em ups sent him off in the trajectory he now travels, where animations, comics, and friendships have all added to his ever-growing love of creating. Though he may not be the most skillful or frequent gamer, the starry, childhood eyes he has for the medium only continue to be inspired and amazed.

Ben Perez @TrinketBen  (Programming + Design)

Ben is driven by opportunities to learn and grow as a game developer, which served him well while obtaining a B.S. in Computer Game Development from DePaul University. At Wideload/Disney, however, he felt more and more creatively constrained. With Trinket, he's elated to have so much freedom to focus on fun gameplay and satisfying programming problems.

Of course, Battle Chef Brigade wouldn't be possible without a lot of help from our friends and contractors!

George Hufnagl @grhufnagl  (Sound Designer)

George's considerable experience and ebullient personality made him the ideal candidate to bring the audio of Battle Chef Brigade to life. You know you've got the right sound designer when you'd be thrilled to ship a game with just the sounds effects that come out of his mouth!

Tom Dunkin @tomaeusd  (Composer)

Tom is a self-taught musician from Washington State who composes purely by ear. His primary instrument is the guitar, but he dabbles in others such as the piano, trombone, theremin, stylophone, and anything else he can get his hands on. Most importantly, he went through a Mongolian throat singing phase in college.

Yann Blomquist  (Environment Artist)

Yann is a concept artist and illustrator currently residing across the sea in London. He attended the same college as Eric in New York, majoring in cartooning but not without some armorsmithing on the side. Though his friends may think he belongs to a time of knights, or a world of werewolves,Yann is perfectly content creating his darkly magical characters in his many sketchbooks while munching on some chocolate.

Christine Chong @mayshing  (Colorist)

Christine is a freelance illustrator, animator, and premium comic artist on Her passion is telling stories of others and her life through manga, comics, animation, illustration. She enjoys learning about different cultures, traveling, helping others, a good cup of tea and coffee and spending time with family and friends.

Mike Antonicelli @superfantastik  (Colorist)

Mike Antonicelli is an independent artist and animation consultant. His consulting company, Superfantastik CG Animation, has partnered to create games with Disney and Marvel, among other clients. Mike worked alongside Tom, Eric, and Ben at Wideload Games.

Thank you so much for your support :)

We can't wait to serve you a perfectly-cooked Battle Chef Brigade!